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Musical Discoveries Review, 2004

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“People need to hear Jessi’s voice. She is an artist who sings with a sincerity that will melt people’s souls. Mine did.”

Dominic Miller – Solo Artist and Long-Time Guitarist for Sting


“(Jessi Hamilton) is a singer/songwriter with a masterful command of the piano and a beautiful voice to match….With each song, Hamilton brings you into her world and creates a picture in your head for the story being told.”

Cheryl Thompson – Founder/Editor

“(Jessi Hamilton) has a really beautiful voice, with a lot of vibrato. It is reminiscent of both Stevie Nicks and Madonna. My favorite tracks were (“I’ll Cry For You”) and (“Watching River”) because of their hooks . . .”

Narada Michael Walden – Grammy Award Winning Producer/Musician


“A rising talent with a great voice whose multi-faceted material makes for interesting listening.”

John Lappen – Hollywood Reporter


“Jessi Hamilton is a young artist that shows great promise. ‘I’ll Cry For You’ is a passionate song, beautifully produced and meticulously arranged. We’re proud to have bragging rights, discovering her early in what is sure to be a great career.”

Carla DeSantis – Editor In Chief, RockRGrl Magazine


“Jessi Hamilton’s voice is innocent, sensual and needs to be heard.”

Tony Infantino – Air Personality – Tony & Dee In The Morning, CBS Radio


“Jessi Hamilton seems to know what her vision is already and that’s half the battle. There are few young artists here in America that have the kind of grasp on music history that Jessi Hamilton shows here.”

Michael A. Cimino – Editor @ Cottage Views Rock News


“Don’t be fooled! Jessi Hamilton is not some gorgeous fashion model who wants to be a singer. Ok, the gorgeous part is true, but trust me, this girl can sing! And she’s a quirky, intelligent songwriter too. You’ll be glad you were introduced to Jessi Hamilton.”

Vince Marino – Music Correspondent – ABC Radio Network, New York, NY

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